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[NEW MIXTAPE] “Girl Power Hour” DJ Dimepiece

The Mixin’ Vixen, DJ Dimepiece has done it again for the ladies! DJ Dimepiece has released her latest Mixtape project on the day of Radio-One’s ‘Women’s Empowerment Expo’ held annually in Cincinnati to commemorate and celebrate the empowerment of women!

Hey loves! My brand new mixtape, “Girl Power Hour” featuring inspiration and encouragement musically throughout the CD drops today! It will be available exclusively at Radio-One’s ‘Women’s Empowerment’ here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I wanted to provide a CD that my women in sisterhood can be empowered each and every time they push play of the “Girl Power Hour” Mixtape. This ‘Women’s Empowerment Expo’ Official Mixtape features an hour of music that’s sure to motivated physically, mentally and spiritually from female singers such as Aretha Franklin, Koko Taylor, Beyonce, Whitney Houston and more!

[NEW MIXTAPE] “Girl Power Hour” x Tracklisting

It’s our job as women to encourage one another to keep the sisterhood strong and empowered.


Be Inspired…

Be Encouraged…

Be Empowered…

Be sure to attend this year’s Radio-One ‘Women’s Empowerment Expo” to get your exclusive copy of the “Girl Power Hour” Mixtape!

Click the photo below for more info on Radio-One’s Womens Empowerment:

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-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”

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