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Via: undercover.com

Wyclef Jean has finally given up on his run for the Haitian presidency, but he’ll go on to promote a new album.

Associated Press reports that his publicist sent out a statement claiming that the former Fugees star is finally giving up on Haitian politics.

Jean did not meet constitutional requirements to officially run for the Haitian presidency, despite a very public campaign.

He has now conceded to the CEP, Haitian electoral counsel, and their decision and will return to his music career.

His most recent song, ‘Pou Kepa’, was a Creole-language track protesting the CEP..

The release of his forthcoming self-titled album was delayed by his campaign.

It will feature Timbaland, Shakira, Nick Cannon, and T-Pain, and songs titled ‘Hold On (For Haiti)’ and ‘Haitian Slumdog Millionaire’.


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