Last week, Kid Cudi fired shots at Wale during an interview in Complex Magazine. We caught up with Wale on Saturday while he was celebrating his birthday and he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in feeding into the Kid Cudi beef. He also revealed that he was working on growing as a person and finding inner peace.

I’m enjoying the birthday weekend, I’ll address him when it’s time to. But right now, we’re enjoying this. It’s a lot of love here and I’m not really thinking about nobody bringing that negativity into my circle.

It’s my birthday. I just want some tranquility, some inner peace. Not to sound like a Buddhist or anything but I just want to show myself that I’ve grown. Not react so much. I’ve been a hothead. I’m too old to be getting into physical altercations. Some things I want to change and I need that inner peace.

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