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Right now the Seattle Seahawks are looking at releasing T.J. Houshmandzadeh if they are unable to find a team to trade with. If a trade cannot be put together, they will be forced to eat $7 million of T.J.’s contract.

The question that has been posed is whether or not this is directly related to their desire in bringing in Vincent Jackson. This is a different coach group than that of the previous coach, Jim Mora Jr.. T.J. has been a Pro Bowl caliber receiver throughout his tenure within the league and one must wonder how strong of a feel Pete Carroll has in his ability to acquire Jackson.

I have enjoyed watching Mike Williams this preseason, and he has shown at times that his 6’6” frame could be bothersome to opposing defenders. I don’t however, believe that he is the answer to go off of when he has still not proved himself in the regular season. The idea that the underachieving Deion Branch can have a stay, but Housh will have to go is a bit perplexing.

I for one, feel that T.J. has been a constant throughout his career and that would be a luxury that Carroll would like to hold on to as he begins his tenure in Seattle.

Is there favoritism to Williams based on their USC connection? Who knows. It just seems that the Hawks are making a preemptive strike that does not need to be taken. Let the chips fall unless there’s a certainty involved. With the uncertainty at the line, including the recent injury to the former Oklahoma State Cowboy Russell Okong, the state of the Seahawks line in still in limbo.

If the line is not at strength there will be no time for Matt Hasselbeck or Charlie Whitehurst to get the ball away. Then it really won’t matter who the receiver happens to be. At this time it just seems eating the money to get rid of a guarantee is not as wise as the high risk involved in potentially acquiring Vincent Jackson. As well as the potential that might be in Mike Williams. Hopefully, things work out for Williams and the Hawks with Seattle making the right decisions. Via:bleacherreport.com

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