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Lauryn Hill sat down with Toure of Fuse TV after Rock the Bells and offered some insight on her absence from the music industry as well as the reason she decided to return. Here are a few excerpts plus the video below: 

On Her Absence & Her Decision To Return

It was a good timing, my daughter is 2 and a half now. So I was a stay-at-home mom. Making sure that my kids has normalcy, privacy, and the right to be real people, without the scrutiny and the pressure of the challenges that the media puts up. I wanted them to have a real childhood. And I wanted a real life as well. Out of public scrutiny, I wanted to be able to live. To reclaim my private life, to reclaim my  individuality out of the mass media scrutiny. I wanted to have that freedom, to do whatever I wanted to do. And I absolutely got it back!

On Her Comeback

I think I’m ready to express myself again. You have to live life so you have something substantial to share or its kind of pointless and vain. I don’t think I ever did music for attention or to just be seen, I did it because it simulated me. I was excited about the challenge of the challenges of making music. I have a pioneer spirit and when you can’t do that because you feel a certain amount of claustrophobia, to me it felt a little counterproductive. So I needed to make my own space again.

On Whether She’ll release another album

Maybe. Maybe some new recordings. In terms of the context that they come out in, I’m free. I’m a free spirit. We are a real spontaneous group right now. We vibe out and we do things. I like immediacy in ideas and inspiration. And I like to capture that. It took me a while to find good people who were up to the challenge When I was younger, they use to call me an old soul, and it was important for me to find other old souls; both in music and the support team behind the music. It had a lot to do with me getting back to the very essence of why I made music in the first place.

On Her Music

To me [music] it’s transitional. It’s expressing the moment. And the question is do I capture that and give that to the public even though I may be past or beyond that woman. Does it still hold value? Is it still important to people even though I may be beyond that particular moment

Good point, in terms of her music. I feel like everyone wants Lauryn Hill to come back out with a similar album to “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Do you Lauryn!



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