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 A Memphis family hired rapper Kia Shine to perform at a Sweet 16 party only to charge later that the rapper had spoiled the affair by being hours after most party-goers had left.

Victoria Allen, the mother of daughter Latranae, planned a Sweet 16 celebration a year in advance with friends, limo, a new car and rapper Kia Shine. Allen alleges the event would have been perfect if Shine had not been hours late and performed a far shorter set that agreed upon.

Allen says she paid Kia Shine $1,000 up front to perform at least 20 minutes.

“I was like, that would be cool to have a local rapper from Memphis to be the spotlight and special guest at her special event,” Allen said to wreg.com. “Everything was perfect, til it got to the entertainment. And when I say entertainment, I’m talking about the artist Kia Shine.”

In addition to his fee, Allen says she paid for a stage, high quality microphones, and a sound system that also cost $1,000.

Shine was expected to perform about 9 pm when the party had about 150 teenagers celebrating Latranae’s birthday.

After contacting Shine, Allen said the times continuously changed until he arrived at 11:45 pm with about 15 kids in front of him. Furthermore, he reportedly performed slightly over 5 minutes.

Allen wants her money back, but Kia Shine defended his actions to WREG.

Kia Shine told WREG, “Contractually Kia Shine showed up, Kia Shine performed, Kia Shine did exactly what he was supposed to do.”

He also said that Allen was partially to blame for the incident.

“Her mother had the opportunity, to say ‘Hey Shine, if you’re not going to be here at 9, 9:30, 10 or whatever, then just don’t come.’ And then fine, I wouldn’t have come and her money would have been refunded back to her completely without any issues,” Shine said.

He said he would be willing to give back half of money, because of the truncated performance, but would keep $500.

“It’s just like going to a restaurant and saying, hey, eating a sandwich, eating a sandwich or whatever, and waiting to get to the last bite and saying, ‘Hey, I want to take this sandwich back, I don’t like it.’ And you expect a full refund? C’mon, that’s not how it works!” Shine said.

Allen plans to take the case to court, but she said her daughter’s Sweet 16 experience is irreparably damaged.

“It’s that one time. Birthday parties, you know, you’re only 16 one time,” she said

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