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In a recent interview with, Fabolous sat down to discuss his recent Twitter spat with fellow emcee Joe Budden, as well as his upcoming project.

“The Joe Budden thing was really just taken out of context,” said Fab of the fact that he appeared to have ignored Budden’s request on Twitter to get the New York rapper on a track with him and Lloyd Banks. “I didn’t see it at first. I didn’t see his request. I was actually bullshitting on Twitter, doing something else. When I did see it, I had to make sure it was even true because people say things on Twitter and put people’s names to it and stuff.”

“The first time he asked me to do a joint, it was a different set-up,” explained Fabolous. “He had a bunch of other people on it and I didn’t think that worked for me, so we didn’t do it. We didn’t speak back at that point, either. We just ended up not doing it. This time he reached out, but the way he did it, people took it out of context and thought because he said, ‘Are you gonna avoid me like last time?’ people thought, ‘Oh, does Fab not wanna get on a joint with Joe?’ which led to the #FabScaredLike trending topic, which was actually funny. I don’t take Twitter that serious. It’s all in good humor. I’ve made fun of people on Twitter and it’s whatever. People made it more than it really was.” Fabolous added that he would be recording the song sometime in the future.

Another thing fans can look forward to is Fabolous’ next album which will serve as a sequel to his most recent effort, Loso’s Way. “The next album is Loso’s Way 2. I’m putting that together now. I like to sit down with the whole scheme of things and see how I’m gonna present it. The subtitle is gonna be ‘Rise To Power.’ I think that’s appropriate coming off the year I had, and the fact that I’m taking that next step.”

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