Check out the exclusive footage from yesterday’s surprise visit from Hip Hop superstar Flo Rida as he and our very own DJ Skillz take over the airwaves for the afternoon. Below you’ll find the exciting interview and mixing session featuring 101.1 The Wiz playing a few of Flo Rida’s hit records just before Flo Rida gets into the good stuff.

DJ Skillz and the WizNation crew had an opportunity to discuss Flo Rida’s new album entitled “The Only One,” a double-disc set currently in progress but intended for release later this year plus you’ll get to meet Git Fresh, the new R&B trio of vocalists featured on Flo Rida’s new single “Why You Up in Here” alongside Gucci Mane and Ludacris.

There’s tons more exciting news and coverage from our day with Flo Rida on its way so hold tight as 101.1 The Wiz and brings you your favorite artists, your favorite music and all the exclusives right here first! Don’t forget – as always this is your number one station for interactive Hip Hop and R&B. Are you connected?




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