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As the headlines continue to drag her name deeper and deeper intothe dismal abyss of gossip, rumors or dirty truths (depending on how you personally feel about the situation), it’s getting tougher and tougher to feel sympathy for our beloved American Idol winner Fantasia.

Just found another exclusive track from Fantasia called “Lucky.” Thought I’d be lucky to drop this one on you guys, but an odd comparison has been made toward her real life situation as I’m once again listening to the lyrics – something people very rarely do these days. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Isn’t this interesting. The new song from Fantasia just leaked and seeing that it doesn’t appear on her new album “Back To Me”‘s track listing, it probably got scrapped. Why? Because she’s singing about getting it in with a “taken” man. Coincidence? Strategic? You tell us firs tif the track is hot or not in your opinion then we’ll dissect the drama.

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A few of the lyrics:

Damn/she get to have it everyday/What a lucky girl

Oooh/Well tonight I’ll take her place/I’m a lucky girl

Damn/Do you spread her legs this way/What a lucky girl

I know you got a girl…But a hard man’s good to find

She get to have it all night long/So can I just get the night?

Man I hit the lotto…

The song is HOT, too bad it relates too closely to her real life and won’t be making her new album “Back To Me.” Would you rather the album fully tell the truth about this affair situation or are you just excited that new music is available from Fantasia in spite of the drama? Be honest and share what you think is going on in the comments section below.


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