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The television actress has been reportedly arrested twice in the span of one month.


The sad story of television actress and daughter of belated author, Bebe Campbell Moore keeps getting sadder.

A number of entertainment sites have reported that Maia Campbell has been arrested twice in a single month.

Her first arrest was on June 19th in south LA and released two days later.

She was arrested again on July 5 in Santa Monica. An officer pulled her over and found a crack pipe and cocaine residue in her car. Maia notoriously has battled an addiction to crack. It is believed that because she suffers from bipolar disorder that she has turned to narcotics to self-medicate.

She is currently in custody pending a $40,100 bail. She is not allowed any visitors though the YBF reports that individuals can donate to her jail account.

Currently, she’s at a rehab facility in Lynwood, California. Coincidentally, it’s the same place Lindsay Lohan currently is. If I’m not mistake, Lindsay also has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Say a prayer and wish on a star…for both of them


Why do you think no one has come to her aid?



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