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Big Sean is doing big things in his hometown of Detroit, rolling through HOT 102.7 along with an entourage of MTV’s Camera Crew to meet up with AC on his final stop down memory lane for his project with MTV.

To bring you up to speed, Big Sean was actually discovered by Kanye West right outside the doors of AC’s office. As the story goes Kanye was reluctant at first and gave Sean 16 bars to prove himself. Sixteen bars turned into ten minutes and that’s when the seed was planted. As Sean reveals in the interview it wasn’t until continuing correspondence and mentorship while Kanye was working on ‘Graduation’ that Big Sean was signed to G.O.O.D Music.

“Even if you don’t buy my music, just listen…I am fixin’ to shock the world. It not like any of the music I have put out ever… I been finding my own style. I got my own ad libs, my own style, own ryhme schemes…I introduced a whole new ryhme scheme to rap and then it got taken over when Drake did it in ‘Forever’. Then the whole rest of Hip Hop started doing it…then Drake came out and said he got it from Big Sean, that was some G s***.”

Big Sean and AC went on to chop it up about Big Sean’s up and coming Mixtape due to release in August, the Detroit music scene, working with the man himself and AC’s personal favorite Kanye West.

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