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Cam’ron and Ma$e spoke out about the backlash they’ve received for their criticism of Kendrick Lamar’s recent beef with Drake.

As the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake heated up after the former dropped the scathing diss track “Euphoria” on Tuesday (April 30), Cam’ron and Ma$e felt that Drake still had the upper hand. That assessment wound up getting the public riled up, directing comments at both rappers and calling them out noting the two sporting jackets from Drake’s OVO imprint in a photo. It led to the two to addressing the situation on the latest episode of their Come And Talk 2 Me podcast on Thursday (May 2).

“Do you realize that n-ggas is mad because of our opinion on the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar?” Cam’ron said to Ma$e at the 2:25 mark of the episode. “I’m like, ‘yo, bro. Why we can’t have our opinion?’ I don’t get that! I don’t really get why we can’t have our opinion!” He continued by downplaying any coastal rivalry. “Secondly, this is what I wanted to say. And this is not to start a problem with anybody. West Coast people: East Coast n—-s is not as big on the ‘coast’ shit as y’all are on the coast s–t.”

Ma$e went on to express that he feels that the tracks from Drake and Kendrick Lamar that the public has heard so far aren’t the impactful tracks they’d be impressed by. “I think Kendrick got something else that he’s really been holding onto, and that’s what I’m speaking to. Don’t waste our time, and just go crazy, man.”

The Harlem natives’ previous take from their Wednesday (May 1) episode saw them go for Drake over Kendrick for various reasons. “I think Drake is winning. ‘Euphoria’ didn’t really move me,” Cam’ron stated. “I’m expecting lyrics from Kendrick, you’re expecting certain things. The song was kinda long, it took too long to come out — pause. I’m not saying it’s bad.” Ma$e agreed, “It took a while for us to get the record from Kendrick and when you wait a while it gotta be outta this world. I think if Kendrick dropped this record right after ‘[Push Ups] Drop and Give Me 50,’ it would have been crazy.”

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