Rumor has it fans in Columbus were outraged after attending what they thought was going to be a live performance from Michael L. Tyler otherwise known as Mytikal. Just when it seemed Mystikal was M.I.A. he appeared at the club, not on stage but on a Jumbo Tron of some sort. Afterward they believed the concert would follow but instead he began a Q&A session with the audience. Many stood in disbelief and some were heard stating “this aint what I paid for”. You don’t have to guess as to what happened next. Just watch the video. SMH.


The video was recorded via cell phone but clearly you can hear the fans reactions.

You heard them “Mystical is reportedly still on probation and could not attend perform”. Now that he’s out and moving forward with his career can he bounce back?


Jade West “Always on a Musical Quest”

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