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The young stunner Soulja Boy has been stunned with a law suit over a catch phrase developed by another company. Clement Brown Jr., owner of clothing line Laundry Money, has filed a lawsuit suing Soulja and his SOD click for of stealing the firm’s slogan and using it as their “code of honor.”

According to the lawsuit, Laundry Money’s slogan, which was copyrighted in 2008, reads:

“grind…hustle hard…double up…

flip…stack…get your weight up…


buy property…network…build credit…stay determined…”

Pretty tight code of conduct to live by. Then. Soulja boy made a slogan…and its like he straight took my man property and didn’t think he was going to find out.

According to the lawsuit, Soulja Boy merely added lines to Brown’s slogan:

“Grind..Hustle..Double Up..Flip..Stack..Get Yo Weight Up..Save..Shop..Invest..Recoup.

Own Your Own Business..Buy Property..Network..Build Credit..Stay Determined..Stay Focused..

Stay Dedicated..Never Lie To your Higher Authority..Have Goals..Always Remember money First…

Gang Color Yellow and Green…Never Snitch..etc…”



Do you think this lawsuit is legitimate?


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