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I hope Mario is okay! His fans have been hitting me up left and right over the weekend in regards to a show he did in New York. He performed at the annual Rochester Music Festival this past weekend and some how snapped when his set was cut short. Here are a few eyewitness accounts:

April Franklin wrote:

Mario was here in my city (Rochester ,NY) for our annual music fest this weekend. He did a great job, but his visit made the show very interesting. He was the show opener and he ended up coming late(for whatever reason) as a result of that when he finally arrived his set was cut short. They sound guy had messed up a lot of other acts (Jaheim) and when he messed up Mario’s. I guess he(mario) couldn’t take it anymore. He punched the sound guy straight in the face right at the beginning of the song “break up”. Security had to hold Mario back. I thought i was at the club watching a fight(classic). I don’t have video, but you may want to use you resources and look this one up because it is a good story to cover.

Tameka wrote:

I was wondering could you find out if Mario is on drugs or not… He did a concert in my town this weekend and he attack the sound Man… I know he’s dating that chick Amber Rose home girl but could it be she is a bad influence on him… I’ve always thought Mario was a nice and humble young guy, but his behavior since he’s been dating this chick has been suspect… Okay so the low down he was due to perform before Dru Hill, but didn’t show up on time so he set the show back 30-45 mins… Then once he did come on stage after Jahiem imagine that he only had a little time, they cut the lights on I guess as a queue as it was time for him to get off of stage and he continued to perform… Just as he got ready to perform Break up, they cut him and he attack the sound guy!!! It was crazy this dude went nuts and I am worried about him…

I doubt that Mario is on drugs, sometimes people just snap. I tried to reach out to someone that was there for his side of the story but didn’t come up with much:

The sound dude cut his set early in the middle of break up. Mario was the first artist there he wasn’t late at all.. The sound dude just messed up. Mario didn’t punched the dude, he just pushed him because he felt disrespected.

He also posted to twitter:

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