Inspired by Princess Diana, the tiara at the top of the Great American Tower at Queen City Square will be topped off today. It is a self-supporting arched structure that is made up of nine interconnected arches that form the large tiara shape. Imagine 505 individual pieces held together by 2,200 specialized bolts!

Under construction since April 21, the tiara is 13 stories tall and made of 300 tons of steel, totaling 685 tons.

The Great American Tower is scheduled to open in January and will be 41 stories high. Costing $322 million, it will contain a 1,600 car parking garage, 33 levels of office space along with a pedestrian area with retail space.

It will be the first and largest “green” office tower that utilizes environmentally design choices, construction practices, and development decisions. The building provides spectacular views in all directions, even from lower levels.

It’s key attributes are: the tallest and largest office building in downtown Cincinnati, “Greenest” downtown office tower, and newest downtown office building.

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