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Tech N9ne was arrested for vandalism on Wednesday (June 23) in Missouri, when an officer picked up the rapper on an outstanding warrant for illegally posting banner, said reports.

The news broke on Twitter (@TechN9ne), when Tech tweeted and posted pictures while the experience was going down.

“I’m getting arrested”, the rapper wrote from his Blackberry.

Shortly after, Tech posted a TwitPic of himself being placed in the back of a police car, which his business partner Travis O’Guin took : “From Travs phone ! They let me keep my phone, but I only got one hand free.”

He ended his live updates, saying : “I gotta go, they making me take off my shoes and belt.”

According to, Tech (real name : Aaron Yates,) spend part of Wednesday in a jail cell, and was back on the streets by at least Thursday, when he returned to Twitter with updates about a photoshoot for Ink Magazine.

Apparently, he was stopped by police for speeding when he sped to 70 mph in O’Guin’s Ferrari F430 in three seconds. After police ran his info, Tech N9ne was arrested, spending 22 minutes in jail before posting a $300 bond.

O’Guin explained that both he and Tech were unaware of the warrant, claiming that fans most likely hung the posters and that they weren’t in Blue Springs when the charges were filed.

Tech plans on go to court to clear things up.

Tech is readying the release of his next album, The Gates, Mixed Plate, his third in his “Collabos” series following 2009’s Sickology 101. It’s due out July 27.

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