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R&B singer Lloyd says he told Chris Brown to cry during his tribute performance to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards on Sunday, seen as his comeback following a turbulent year that saw him struggling to rebuild his image following his 2009 assault case involving then girlfriend Rihanna.

“All the people who wrote him out, I think that they’re going to find a place in their hearts for him again,”Lloyd told Rap- Up Magazine in a video interview” after the awards. “I told him man, you gotta get up there, you gotta cry, you gotta really show your heart to the world and they’ll understand.”

Brown has not responded to Lloyd’s comments. Brown sang and danced to a Michael Jackson medley at the awards and broke down crying as he began singing “Man in the Mirror”.


Lloyd gave his boy Chris his props but then his lips slipped. Hear what he said in the video below. 

Do you think CB’s water works was an act?

4 thoughts on “Was Chris Brown crying fake tears during the BET Awards

  1. I honestly felt as though Chris Brown brought real emotion to that stage Sunday night. For me, it felt as though he had a breakthrough. Lloyd really should fallback; it is an inappropriate time for him to chime in on Chris’ moment. Kind of disappointed in Lloyd in fact.

  2. J-Boogie on said:

    I think Chris did a great job performing, however, I do think he could have held it together to sing. He is a performer, and I understand that it was an emotional moment, but perform. I do think he was very emotional, but he practiced that peformance a million times before the show. He had plenty of time to get the emotion and tears out before showtime.

  3. Chris seemed sincere.Sure,he practiced his performance but, you cant always control tears.Lloyd wasn’t telling Chris he needed to cry if he wanted to win his fans back , he was saying for Chris to show whatever emotions he had,even tears and he did just that!The performance was excellence and definitely a highlight of the night.We enjoyed it and felt it was really from Chris’s heart.

  4. i thik it was for real he already had his fans in the first place and okay he pactice all the time mybe he cried every time he did it

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