The Detroit Tigers are all up in arms this morning as the world of sports fans witnessed what appeared to be a serious right elbow injury during the eighth inning of yesterday’s Detroit-Minnesota game.

After throwing a fastball to Minnesota Twins outfielder Delmon Young, Zumaya began to clutch his throwing arm in excruciating pain just moments before he fell to the grass behind the pitcher’s mound.

Zumaya has never looked in as much pain as he did on the mound at Target Field Monday night, so sports fans are eager to find out what’s really going on. The team didn’t have much to offer as far as Zumaya’s condition after the game which the Tigers eventually won 7-5 over the Twins.

Don’t know much about Zumaya’s career? Back in 2006, Joel Zumaya burst onto the scene with highly publicized appearances in the American League Division Series later that year against the Yankees. Since then, Zumaya has struggled with multiple injuries including a ruptured tendon in his hand in May 2007 and seemingly chronic shoulder problems as well.

This week’s injury has Tiger fans and supporters of Joel Zumaya fearing the worst for his career. For additional sports coverage and details of Zumaya’s injury, visit one of the links below.

Tiger’s Joel Zumaya Suffers Apparent Serious Arm Injury

Zumaya Injures Elbow Throwing Pitch

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