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This is when fans of R&B like myself get excited! Let’s talk Marsha Ambrosius.

Former floacist, half the duo Floetry, the singer/songwriter is readying her audience for an amazing debut album. To me, her voice is perfectly imperect, in every perfect way. I say this in the sense that her sound hits the ear on a note you might not expect. Yet, it’s so wonderful and so hot! Her voice and delivery is unique to Marsha, making her a stand-out vocalist.

Marsha Ambrosius introduced us to Yours Sincerely in late February 2010. It follows her previous projects Neo Soul Is Dead and Yours Truly. Now, Marsha gets that much more sincere with 8 infectious tracks.


Track 1Intro: In less than one minute, she’s captivating right out the gate! Literally “wrapped up” in her vocals and the serious tone of the strings in the background. Lovely!

Track 2Let Me Go: The transition into this record was seamless, a no brainer following the intro. The song is sensual, heartbreaking, and a familiar place for frustrated lovers. That feeling of come close and leave me alone at the same time. I dig it. The heavy breathing and reptition of the words let me go is intense. I adore this record.

Track 3Put It On Repeat ft. Angelique: This one is your club banger. Marsha spits a little bit, switching up the flow. It’s an uptempo, throw-ya-hands-up kind of joint. It’s…just ok ultimately.

Track 4She Don’t Matter-A song written by Marsha, performed by LeToya Luckett on the  album Lady Love. I appreciated this record before, but hearing Marsha’s take on the song elevates it to another level. She adds an element of passion that makes you a believer! You can’t help but want to be on her side, and cheer for her based upon the conviction in the words.  The remake is so on point (or shall I say the return to the original was appropriate).

Track 5This Love ft: Glenn Lewis: This is just a really sweet song. Good energy here.

Track 6Storm: Is my favorite record on the mixtape! The lyrics are simple, yet beautiful. Its ride music, late night cruising down the e-way while Marsha sings: “I got caught up in this thing called love…there’s no shelter big enough to protect my broken heart”. What?! I love it! I find myself saying “You better sang Marsha!”

Track 7Glass: is a huge record in my opinion. Very well penned; I can definitely hear a Beyonce cover on this one (the instruments remind me of something from I Am…Sasha Fierce, Part 1- the “Beyonce side”). It’s melodic and pure, which is what so great about it. It is simply a great song over greatt music.

Track 8Take Care: This one is just plain sexy! Owww! It’s definitely ride music too, except you take the shortcut back to the crib and throw it on repeat with your mate. Vocal arrangement is sultry, encouraging her man to “take care” of her. The heat gets turned all the way up on thjis joint! It’s a wonderful closure to a ride that lasts all of 32 minutes.

Marsha Ambrosius has the talent to make one incredible masterpiece for her first solo effort. We can expect Late Nights, Early Mornings to drop later this summer. For now keep logging-on to 101.1 The WIZ for more Marsha Ambrosius exclusives!

You may be most familiar with Marsha from this record. Say Yes:


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