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I guess it’s safe to say that rapper Trina wears the pants in her relationship with NBA’s Kenyon Martin.  According to bossip.com, Trina likes to take out her aggression on Kenyon by hitting on him.  Apparently the two broke up and Trina may be in some serious denial, in a recent interview she said they were happy:

Interviewer: You’ve been spotted in Dallas on many occasions. My guess is that it’s because of your super sexy boyfriend Denver Nuggets star Kenyon Martin?

Trina: (laughs) Yes. We’re really happy. We’re in…… a happy place. He’s a great person. I’m happy for his career and he’s happy for my career.”

But Kenyon’s camp are saying the following:

“I guess it’s finally ok to say why Kenyon left Trina. He was embarrassed at first and only told a few people but now he is talking. He said she has serious anger issues. When she got mad at him she would hit him. He let it slide 2 times. The third and final straw was when she slapped him and then threatened to kill him and burn the house down. He was like he never had the urge to put his hands on a woman until then. Said he snapped outta that real quick when he thought about his career and was like no way is this bitch gonna ruin my career and life. So she can get her shit and get out. He didn’t say what the fight was about but im assuming another girl.”

I say folks need to own to their insecurities and know when it’s time to walk away.  Violence is NOT the answer!!

Should Kenyon be worried about Trina and Soulja Boy?

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