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For those of you who’ve been writing in and submitting questions about coverage from the big Birthday Bash 15 in Atlanta this past weekend, we told you we wouldn’t let you down. We sent our camera crews out like the hounds to go and retrieve tons of exclusive coverage. Now it’s time to share the goods and spread the wealth.

With videos, photo galleries, live performances and so much more to experience, there’s no way to get it all up at once. So just be a little bit more patient as we continue editing and preparing recaps of the entire event. Look for a few familiar faces from the worlds of R&B and Hip Hop and be sure to share the links, rate them and post your comments for all your friends to see.

Catch a glimpse of the action in the video below and tell us what you think. Looks like the big party was worth attending indeed. Enjoy! Once again, Happy 15th Birthday to our Atlanta family. We love you guys!

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