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As many of you may know by now, the six-story “King of Kings” Jesus statue at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe was destroyed by a lightning strike on Monday, June 14th. The statue was made of plastic foam and fiberglass, but was burned down to the metal frame.

The original “Touchdown Jesus,” as it was nicknamed from the way the arms were raised, was designed by Brad Coriell of Nashville, TN. Mr. Coriell says he is willing to help replace it, although he has not been in contact with the church.

Co-pastor Darlene Bishop says that Mr. Coriell, among other artists, will submit designs and cost estimates for a new statue, but the new statue will most likely look different than the original.

What do you think? Should the statue be replaced? If you think it should, how would you like the statue to look?

Check out the video at the link below of the burning “King of Kings” Statue from Monday night.

Lightning Strike Destroys King of Kings Statue In Monroe

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