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If you’ve ever wanted an overpriced airplane-shaped purse, you’re in luck.

Louis Vuitton has created one, but to buy it, you’ll need to shell out $39,000.

The brand’s creative director Virgil Abloh is behind the piece.

Abloh told Vogue, “Fashion has the power to de-program these dress codes and impact possibilities.” And for that reason, we shall covet this bag all day long.”



In January, Abloh unveiled the design of a new bag shaped like an airplane, outstretched wings and all. That bag is finally hitting shelves and going viral thanks not only to its design, but also its $39,000 price tag.

As many on social media pointed out, at that price, you could choose to purchase an actual Cessna plane (in fact, you’d still have money left over), but why would you when you could own a Louis Vuitton bag made with supple leather, its signature hardware, and some hidden metal banding to keep the wings aloft? And, while this bag is most certainly for show, it does still have some function, as it comes with a zipper opening so the wearer can store a few goodies in the cockpit.

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