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LeBron James

Source: Nike / NIke

While four MVP Awards would be more than enough for most NBA players, LeBron James says he deserves more.

The 36-year-old James is tied with Wilt Chamberlain for having the third most MVP Awards in NBA history, behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who won six, and Michael Jordon and Bill Russell, who each won five.

Should the NBA keep giving James MVP Awards? Or should the league make an effort to include others in the honor?



LeBron James has been the NBA’s best player for at least the past decade, but the league’s most prestigious individual award hasn’t recognized that. James won four MVP awards before his 29th birthday, but he’s been blanked ever since. LeBron has won two championships and reached the NBA Finals six times since 2013, but he hasn’t won a fifth MVP award, and it’s something he’s noticed.

“I should have more than four,” James told reporters after Thursday’s win over the Charlotte Hornets. “But I don’t, and I don’t sit around thinking about it or crying about it.” While James may not cry about it, he’s certainly noticed. He grumbled about the number of first-place votes he got in comparison to Giannis Antetokounmpo last season, and has spoken out on several previous awards in the past. Before this season, he even joked that new teammate Marc Gasol “has my Defensive Player of the Year trophy at his house.”

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