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Gaffes are nothing new on live television.

A quick Youtube search finds tons of videos of people passing out on TV, uncontrollably laughing or tripping and falling–just ask Shaquille O’Neal. But recently, during a live broadcast of ESPN FC Radio, something a bit more serious occurred. As a camera began to pan out, one of ESPN’s giant monitors –used to show highlights or sprawling logo of whatever programming is on– fell on one of the commentators as his body slammed into the desk. His five cohosts all remained in their seats.

The show’s host, Francisco Javier Vélez, looked to his right in shock, and you can hear people in the background telling everyone to calm down. Vélez eventually instructed viewers that they were going to take a commercial break to solve the issue.

The startling clip was tweeted out by NBC Universal’s Senior Executive, Mike Sington, who says the commentator, who’s yet to be identified, wasn’t injured and is doing just fine.

Twitter, of course, had the jokes ready about expecting the victim to sue. Check out some of the reactions below.

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