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Last year there was confusion about Remy and Papoose having a second baby together.

Papoose admitted he spoke too soon and that the couple had started IVF but were not yet pregnant.

But there is another issue.

The ‘Golden Child’ aka Reminisce won’t stop breastfeeding and Remy Ma’s doctor told her that until she stops breastfeeding she won’t be able to go through with the IVF.



Remy Ma, 40, and Papoose, 42, set the record straight about whether or not they’re expecting a second child while on the HollywoodLife Podcast! The rap couple, who are already parents to daughter Reminisce Mackenzie, 2, welcomed their first child together in December of 2018, after getting pregnant through IVF. Following a “tough labor,” Remy gave birth to their “golden child.” Now, the couple is making moves to begin the IVF process in hopes of getting pregnant with their second child.

“With the golden child, we did IVF. So, in the process, they have to take eggs from me and sperm from him, they put it together and they see how many embryos they can get,” Remy recalled while discussing the couple’s new VH1 special, Love & Hip Hop: It’s a Love Thing, which airs on February 1 at 8 PM ET. “We did it twice and we got one [embryo] the first time and then we got [another embryo] the second time. So when we went, I told them, ‘Whichever was the first one — that’s the one that I want you guys to implant in.’ I didn’t want to know if it was a girl or boy or anything. And, that’s when we had my daughter,” she explained.

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