Britney Spears former top bodyguard just can’t handle her sexual advances and nudity anymore.

Ex police officer Fernando Flores claims the singer has been sexually harassing him by walking around in front of him naked and asking him to come into her bedroom according to The Sun.

A source told The Sun “She was always giving him the come on and he felt if he didn’t reciprocate he could lose his job. He finally handed in his notice last week and is considering legal action.”

“Working for Britney is tough. She’s a nightmare to deal with and her emotions are totally out of control,” the source added. “She runs round the house naked and yelling at staff.”

Britney’s dad Jamie has added to the undesirable work environment by insisting his 28 year old daughter not be allowed to leave the house without a bra. Recently Britney was seen leaving a Hollywood restaurant without panties which set Jamie off.

Jamie holds the bodyguards responsible for Britney’s actions.

The source says: “It was embarrassing to tell her to put on underwear. Some guys would do it but others were too ashamed.”

Jamie might need to lighten up a bit. Yes he is the currently the executor Britney’s estate until she can prove she is of sound mind and body again, but damn she’s a grown woman.

As for Fernando the shy cop, I can think of far worse jobs.

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