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It doesn’t matter if you’re a new kid on the block like Drake or a veteran like Eminem, chances are your new album is bound to leak early at some point. Marshall Mathers is the latest to fall to the leak plague, as his upcoming Recovery hit the Internet on Monday, two weeks before its June 22 official release date, and spread like wildfire.

Fan forums immediately blew up with quick-take reviews on the rapper’s second album in as many years, raving about the many different sounds Slim Shady tries on over the course of the disc. The opening track, “Cold Wind Blows,” finds Em taking aim at some of his favorite targets, viciously daring haters to take him on while dropping references to Elton John, Michael Vick, Aquaman, Michael J. Fox and Mariah Carey before dipping into a sing-songy chorus, “I’m as cold as the cold wind … blows, bla bla bla blows.”

He gets contemplative on the expansive acoustic ballad “Space Bound” and praises his second chances on the gospel stomper “Cinderella Man.” He also weaves his way around a gorgeous Rihanna chorus on the troubled-love ballad “Love the Way You Lie.”

The leak comes less than a week after the online debut of the second song from the album, an unexpected collaboration with Pink called “Won’t Back Down.” The DJ Khalil-produced track finds Em dropping his usual verbal bombs, taking on all comers in his inimitable style.

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