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Source: 30 Under 30 / Radio One Cincinnati

  • Name: Olivia James
  • Age: 22
  • Job Title: Owner of Bodied Bootcamp

Olivia James is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She owns Bodied Bootcamp! She is a 22 y/o with her vision in action! God gives her the strength, endurance, and power to do everything! When her clients/athletes see results within themselves from her workouts & nutrition guides is when she gets motivated. She is ALWAYS inspired. The fact that she is living motivates her EVERYDAY.  Liv says “My self care is practicing mindfulness, being apart of toast master, praying, praise & worship & RESTING. A few health tips would be to always make sure you are taken care of. If we take care of others more than ourselves, we are going to burn ourselves out. Carve time out of the day to workout, do yoga, eat  fresh meals, & get away from technology! Don’t get caught up in the fitness fads, SIMPLY EAT CLEAN & KEEP MOVING.”

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