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Source: 30 Under 30 / Radio One Cincinnati

  • Name: Salimah “Chef Soleil” Abdul-Hakim
  • Age: 19
  • Job Title: Chef

Salimah, affectionately known as “Chef Soleil”, is a trailblazing entrepreneur and Cincinnati, OH native. As a self-taught chef and former MORTAR cohort graduate (later facilitator), she utilized her previous culinary and travel experiences to launch Soleil Kitchen; a black, woman owned, mobile company. With a passion to provide delicious dope dishes to a variety of clients, including marginalized communities suffering from food desserts, while giving back to communities through the #ChefsForChangeChallenge as well as providing job opportunities to those often overlooked, Salimah has a workforce that’s 92% African American/minority — Salimah has accomplished many of her goals in a short 4 year time span and is only getting started. She’s most proud of her initiatives to mentor start-up business owners and providing opportunities for youth through summer internships.

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