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1. Biden Seeks Hispanic Support

What You Need To Know:

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is seeking to build up and broaden its outreach.

2. Louisville Mayor Makes Policy Changes Following Police Shooting Death of Breonna Taylor

What You Need To Know:

Following the March murder of Breonna Taylor by police, the methods and procedures of the Louisville Metro Police Department were called into question.

3. Coronavirus Update: Diabetics Are More Likely To Develop Severe Complications from COVID-19

What You Need To Know: 

A familiar narrative continues as data from states on the coronavirus continues to pour in.

4. NAACP Calls On Des Moines Police To Search For White Men Who Attacked African American Man

What You Need To Know:

Des Moines police are investigating a possible hate crime that left a black man brutally beaten.

5. The Williams Sister Make History —Academically

What You Need To Know:

Black Girl Magic is shining bright in the city of Milwaukee with twins Arielle and Arianna Williams, graduating seniors at Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy, having received a combined $1 million in scholarships.

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