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Boy o Boy! 6ix9ine celebrated his birthday today, hit IG live, and broke IG! His live hit 2million views in 10 minutes, and his debut song since being released hit 5 million views on youtube in an hour. The game has truly changed! He brags about ratting on his friends and coming home to millions. He trolls his haters for 15 minutes about being broke and then offers an apology to his fans for snitching on his enemies. Check out the live video.

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6ix9ine has been teasing that he’ll be making his grand return and today is the day.

Some of the details fans have been yearning for regarding Tekashi‘s highly anticipated new song were confirmed on Thursday night (May 7). A billboard in New York City’s Times Square, featuring 6ix9ine in a rainbow jacket and long colorful braids, reads that his new single will drop on Friday (May 8) at 3 p.m. The Brooklyn rapper, who recently changed his Instagram default photo to a cartoon image of himself with colorful hair and rainbow triangular teeth, will also go on IG live today at 3 p.m., which he revealed on social media yesterday.

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