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Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil addressed how he is releasing non-violent inmates and how he is changing the procedures for deputies to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local 12 reports that Niel will be reducing the jail population and limiting in-person responses for deputies. He can release

non-violent, low-level offenders because they are unable to make bond. The sheriff has also put in place a process-only procedure to reduce the population. This is not a mass release.

The jail population is currently 1021. Most inmates are in individual cells and very few double cell occupancy.

All new prisoners entering the jail will get their temperature checked. Those who have symptoms will be masked and monitored, and those who develop the symptoms will be placed in quarantine in their cell.
Deputies will now ask people to step outside to talk when responding to calls.
They will cite and release all misdemeanor and non-violent offenders. They will continue to respond to all crimes in progress.

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