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(AllHipHop News) Cameron James Pettit, the guy accused of selling Mac Miller lethal mixture of drugs, was considering fleeing the country after the rapper’s death.

Mac Miller died on September 7, 2018, from snorting counterfeit oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl.

The day after Mac Miller died, police retrieved his cell phone and reviewed its contents to figure out whowas selling the rapper hardcore drugs like cocaine, Adderal and Xanax.

Mac Miller’s phone contained several text messages between Mac and Pettit, as well as Mac and a woman named Mia Johansson.

Mia Johansson is accused of being a madam who was providing drugs and prostitutes to Mac Miller throughout 2018.

Johansson eventually introduced Mac Miller to Cameron Pettit, and the rap star started buying drugs directly from him.

The cops believe Pettit provided the doses that killed Mac Miller to Johansson, who used a prostitute as a drug courier to deliver the pills to the rap star.

On September 5, just two days before Mac died, he paid Johansson using Venmo for drugs that Pettit supplied.

The rapper bought five oxycodone pills, five Xanax pills, 10 Adderall pills, five Norco pills and two grams of cocaine.

The deadly drugs were then delivered to the rapper by Karla Amador AKA Carolina Cortez, a porn star home Mac Miller was patronizing.

On September 7, Mac Miller was dead inside his Los Angeles home.

On September 8th, just one day after Mac Miller’s death, Cameron Pettit seemed to acknowledge his responsibility in delivering the drugs that killed Mac.

And Cameron Pettit revealed he was contemplating fleeing the United States to live under an assumed identity.

Police took Pettit into custody yesterday (September 4) and he is currently being held without bail because he is a flight risk.

So far, Mia Johansson has yet to be charged.

And Carolina Cortez seemed to acknowledge her own role in Mac’s death on her Twitter account, when she reposted a message which read:

Carolina Cortez Retweet About Mac Miller’s DeathTwitter

“She’s just caught up in the cross fire, she didn’t kill mac, the only person guilty is cam for supplying fake oxy. carolina would have had no way of knowing what was in mac’s pills, everyone here to leave hate needs to chill.”

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