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Tiffany Haddish On The Time She Met Beyoncé

Source: TV One / TV One

Tiffany Haddish will never spend money on a date and that is just one of her non-negotiables for dating.

The 39-year-old actress is currently single and has said that while she’s a “saver” in most elements of her life anyway, the one area in which she definitely won’t splash any cash is her love life.

She said: “I’m a saver. C’mon man. I’m not trying to spend money on nothing. But what am I not gonna spend money on? I’m not gonna spend no money on a date.”

And the Night School star has very specific requirements when it comes to her future man.

She added to People magazine: “Credit score has to be over 700, no kids, have his own place. Basically, don’t be living with your momma and daddy unless you are providing for [them].

“[He has to] have confidence in himself, accomplish any task he sets out to do. Have a mole on his left foot. Good hygiene, pretty teeth. He has to have a great smile and has to be willing to smile.”

Her comments come after she recently went on a Twitter rant about how she’s “not looking for a man right now.”

She wrote in a series of tweets: “I want you to know the truth. I am not looking for a man right now, I am still trying to heal from my other ‘Great’ relationships. Dang men making videos cause they can’t take a joke. If I was dating someone the world wouldn’t know about it unless he wanted it that way.

“I have been in lots of relationships. Right now I am focused on the one that really counts the one with Me. I am doing really Good in this one I give Me whatever I want and I know how to make me happy. maybe in a few years, we might let someone else in.

“So too all the fellas that think ‘oh Tiffany wants me’ or ‘Tiffany is thirsty’  just know I want you to make me some money and I am Thirsty because I work really hard and everybody don’t sale Alkaline water with a PH of 8 or higher.”

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