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(AllHipHop News) Last month, Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar was finally able to officially serve YouTuber Latasha “Tasha K” Kebe in a defamation of character lawsuit. The unWinewithTashaK blogger is firing back with her own $1 million federal suit.

The Blast reports Kebe is suing the “Money” rapper for defamation as well. Tasha K is claiming Cardi wrongly implicated her in creating fake news. The pregnant gossiper is also alleging she received “gang-related threats” from Cardi’s fans which led to emotional distress, anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia, humiliation, and depression.

The legal drama stems from a 2018 interview Latasha had with a woman named Starmarie Ebony Jones who asserted she once lived with a pre-famous Belcalis. That conversation on unWine included Jones presenting a lot of accusations about Cardi that were later debunked.

Check out her message to Cardi in the link before


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