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Rim of the World

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Remember when coming of age flicks were basically about kids looking for a dead body near some train tracks or high schoolers on a comedic quest to lose their virginities? Yeah, well these days kids aren’t growing up unless they’re battling the supernatural and in Netflix’s latest film, Rim of the World, that just happens to be the case.

Netflix dropped the trailer for their upcoming exclusive film Rim of the World which features a foursome of adolescents who find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion during their stay at summer camp. After the military finds itself overrun by the alien invaders, humanity’s last hope rests on a group of tech savvy kids who’ve just barely hit puberty. It’s a wrap for us, b.

Penned by Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class) and directed by McG (Terminator: Salvation), Rim of the World has a real Attack The Block/The Monster Squad vibes to it. God, we’re old.

Check out the trailer for Netflix’s Rim of the Word below and let us know if you’ll be giving this a shot come May 24.

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