Triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway injects the fat from the back and buttocks back into the breasts of patient Sherri Frie. About 400 cubic centimeters of fat was re-injected into each breast. Each of these syringes holds about

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio Department of Health is urging residents to ensure they’re vaccinated for measles amid a resurgence of the highly contagious disease in the U.S.

Ohio hasn’t had a reported case of measles since 2014, but cases have been confirmed this year in neighboring Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky.

For most people, the virus causes a fever, rash, runny nose and cough. Health officials say vaccination is the best protection.

Cases have spiked this year with more than 700 nationwide, the most since 1994. That includes dozens of people who contracted measles while traveling internationally, triggering outbreaks among mostly unvaccinated people.

During Ohio’s 2014 outbreak, the illness spread quickly within the Amish community because of its lower vaccination rate. The state had more than 370 cases that year.


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