This morning, folks are tweeting like crazy and all we’re talking about is how Janet Jackson pulled off a show-stopping performance last night. For those of us with our nose in the books or cranking it out at work, you might have missed the news, but the stunning and surprising performance on American Idol’s season nine finale Wednesday evening was incredible.

After opening with her latest single “Nothing, ” Janet, in the truest of R&B diva forms, engaged in her infamously quick costume changes right on stage stripping down to a catsuit and commenced to completely rocking the stage with hits like “Again” and “Nasty.”

This is woman is the truth and always will be. For the folks who’ve been reporting that she’s getting out of the game completely, I have nothing to say in regards to the lies and blasphemy. Well, maybe I do.

Janet will be around for a long time, don’t you agree? She is still one of the best female entertainers and her legacy of danceable, radio-friendly hits is inimitable. Not to mention, she looked amazing. The new haircut is sexy as all get out, but that dress? My, oh my. Loved it! Very sleek, very futuristic, very fashionable. Go get ’em Janet!

For the music lovers, what did you think of the medley of songs? The early portion of “Again” before Janet had me absolutely buggin’ for a moment. I was almost ready to turn the channel when I heard the first girl’s pitch problems. Honey, sing on top of the note. Don’t reach for it, just be confident in what you’ve rehearsed.

So without further delay, let’s watch this clip together and chat about the performance overall. Cincinnati, did you tune in? Tell me what you thought of the surprise performance from the one and only Janet by posting in the comments section below.

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