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Ciara at the 2017 AMA's

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(AllHipHop News) Ciara recently launched her own record label because she was tired of other people making decisions about her career.

The Goodies singer announced the launch of a company named Beauty Marks Entertainment (BME), which houses all her various projects including a new record label, in February.

During a new interview with InStyle magazine she explained that she took the big step because she’d grown weary of the bureaucracy involved at other labels.

“There are so many learning curves that I’m going through with having my own company, but it’s so fun… I feel like I’m growing, and I feel free,” she said, adding that she was sick of the “20 different steps of approval” required in decision-making at previous labels.

“I’ve been very vocal in the creative process, even down to my first song, ‘Goodies.’ I co-wrote that record and was up-front about what I wanted to say.

“Being signed to a major label and then having to reaudition because that label folds or the rep leaves was draining.”

Now, Ciara plans to release new singles before an album later this year, but as she’s no longer beholden to imposed timelines or deadlines, she will choose what to release and when by listening to her “creative heart.”

The 33-year-old made her comeback with Level Up, her first solo single in three years, in July.

And in the chat, she recalled how even though executives at her old label said it would flop, the music video went on to inspire a viral dance challenge.

“I was told that it wasn’t going to be very successful… That people wouldn’t believe in it,” the star recalled. “I put it out, and as soon as I opened my eyes the next morning, people were re-creating the video… I get goose bumps just thinking about it.”

Ciara, who is married to sportsman Russell Wilson, credits her four-year-old son Future and daughter Sienna, 22 months, with giving her “purpose” and the drive to succeed with her new venture.

She hopes that seeing her work will make them learn that “in order to make things happen, you really gotta make things happen.”

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