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(AllHipHop News) Rapper Mystikal has been given permission to leave Louisiana before his rape case goes to trial.

The hitmaker, real name Michael Tyler, told a judge during a court appearance that he needed to be able to travel, so he could earn the money to pay his defense and legal fees.

The judge agreed and told the 48-year-old he will be able to cross state lines, as long as he hires full-time security to monitor him. He will also be required to wear an ankle monitor at all times.

“I can earn some of my money back that I spent,” the rapper told reporters after the hearing. “I am in an incredible bind.”

The rapper was released from prison last month after spending 18 months behind bars.

He surrendered to authorities last year on charges of first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping after a Louisiana woman accused him of sexual assault in 2017.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Mystikal’s case will go to trial in August.


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