Frank Ocean GQ cover

Source: Alasdair McLellan / GQ/Conde Nast

No secret Frank Ocean is a pretty private person, well after getting the cover of GQ the Channel Orange singer gets pretty candid on a array of things from relocating, personal beliefs, & FINALLY making his Instagram account public.

Ocean states “I feel like there was dissonance between how I was seen by the audience and where I was actually,” the star told the magazine of the gesture. “I feel like between the numbers of zero to ten, in between every number there’s infinity, you know? I would describe a person as the space between the symbols, beyond the language. That dissonance—the word being a big container for how I was feeling… the way I was seen was not even close to correct. It’s still not correct, either.”

With now over 1 million followers, it’s hard to believe we’ve been missing Frank Ocean on our timeline!

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