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Sometimes we just need a little mid-week motivation…even on Thursday. I mean, it’s MUCH harder to make it through the work week on like 2:30pm on a Thursday than any other day. There’s really nothing that makes the clock tick slower than knowing it’s almost Friday but not quite–and sometimes a good laugh is all we need to make the minutes pass a little more quickly.

If you frequent Twitter as much as everyone else on the Internet, you’re no stranger to how up and down the experience can be. Sometimes you log on and end up scrolling for (let’s be honest here) the better part of 3 hours because EVERYTHING. IS FUNNY. But other times, we aren’t so lucky. Other times–the times when you actually NEED some entertainment–when you’re bored out of your mind, waiting for the train or trying to find something to look at on your lunch break, there’s absolutely nothing that catches your interest.

But look no more, because we’ve compiled the most entertaining tweets on your timeline from today and included them here so you can get that laugh you need to make it through the rest of Thursday and hopefully Friday, too.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that makes the time pass more easily than a good laugh, and hopefully, you’ll get a couple with these next few tweets…..

If your parents don’t tell everybody your business are they really your parents?

If you haven’t yet navigated your way through Black Mirror’s interactive Bandersnatch episode, you know exactly what you gotta do when you get home. Spoiler alert: Azealia Banks isn’t actually in it.

There’s probably nothing people tweet about more than relationships, and this tweet is as funny as it is accurate.

If you’ve never used your lase $10 to buy something you absolutely do not need, we don’t relate on any level. But kudos on that self-control.

This whole Kanye versus Drake thing keeps heating up more and more every day…but unfortunately for Kanye, nobody in the Kar-Jenner family seems to be disowning the rapper like he might have hoped. At least Kanye’s wifey isn’t ACTUALLY there with her sisters.

Yeah, these aren’t burpees. Even those of us who’ve never done a burpee in their life know that these aren’t burpees.

If you’ve ever wanted to hide in your hoodie because your mom made a scene somewhere put your hands up. At what point to all moms reach the stage where they have no shame?

Ya know…sometimes it’s okay just to break-up, instead. But unfortunately for this guy, his wife might actually be leaving him and just wanted a little revenge.

When internet celebrities collide, the internet rejoices. It’s only right.

Have you EVER laughed out loud when you typed “lol?” It simply doesn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean we’re not all screaming on the inside.

This is just a good idea, point blank. I’m sure if anyone goes through with this we’ll hear all about it on–you guessed it–Twitter.

Watching a 14-year-old do literally anything makes me regret ever being 14.

Sometimes you really don’t see it coming.

Now, this is just creepy. More song lyrics coming true for Kanye here, but let’s be honest, there’s no way this wasn’t even a little bit planned…right?

This is the only right answer to the question.

3 days into the new year and things are going great…..I swear.

It’s almost impossible to complain about anything at Subway because you literally see it all in front of you as they make the food. But you have every right to complain about the $5 footlongs never actually being $5.

The internet has a lot of dangerous opportunities, but meeting a chicken nugget shouldn’t be one of them.

Seriously, open it.

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