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Young Thug

Source: 300

Young Thug thinks someone is dropping dime on him, and he wants to know who. The Atlanta rapper thinks there’s a snitch or two involved in his Georgie drug case, so he’s asked the judge to tell him their identities.

According to sources: 

YT’s lawyers are demanding any and all info related to potential snitches who might’ve sold their client down the river in his drug case, where he was slapped with 8 felonies. If anyone cut a deal or got leniency in return for snitching on the rapper … the lawyers want to know, and they want names.

Not only that … Thug’s lawyers also want info that will help them rip apart would-be canaries, including criminal records, personnel files and any other relevant dirt.

We broke the story … Young Thug was charged with possession and intent to distribute meth, hydrocodone and weed. He’s also charged with possession of amphetamine, Alprazolam, codeine (2 counts) and a firearm … all stemming from his arrest last September when he got pulled over for tinted windows.

Thugger is currently out on $100,000 bail.

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