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Once again, Nicki Minaj has the Twitter-verse riled up and this time a major fashion brand is connected to the chaos.

Diesel recently announced that Nicki would be one of the faces for its Autumn/Winter 2018 “hate couture” campaign used to combat cyberbullying. Different stars, including Nicki, Gucci Mane, actress Bella Thorne and model Jonathan Bellini have been recruited for the campaign. In a video Diesel posted to their social media, the most hateful messages these stars have received on social media are etched into the design of their Diesel apparel. Thus Nicki’s shirt reads “The Bad Guy” (It’s still up for debate if people actually call her this or if she just gave herself the name herself).

Proceeds from the sale of the limited-edition clothing items will reportedly go to anti-bullying programs at the OTB foundation according to The Business of Fashion.

Though the campaign seems to have good intentions, folks across the Internet couldn’t help but notice a tiny issue in the selection of stars.

Nicki Minaj has been accused of some major bullying.

The most notorious instance came when cultural critic and Twitter user Wanna Thompson critiqued the subject matters in Nicki Minaj’s music a few months back. Instead of starting a conversation on Twitter like Wanna had hoped, an army of Nicki-crazed Barbz came after Wanna like she was the village plague. “I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy,” Thompson told The New York Times back in July.

After Nicki fans came for Wanna’s life via social media, emails and even phone calls, Nicki herself contacted Wanna and it wasn’t pretty. She slid in Wanna’s DMs and called her everything but a child of God. “Eat a di** you hating ass h*” and “ugly ass” were just a few of the words Nicki aimed at Wanna.

Sounds like a bully, no?

When Wanna heard the news of Nicki’s Diesel campaign, she was just as confused.

Then, let’s not forget the accusations Cardi B made about Nicki after their notorious run-in during New York Fashion Week. In an Instagram post, she accused Nicki of lying on her and telling other artist not to work with her.


Though it’s not certain that Cardi’s accusations are true, one has to ask what would provoke a woman enough to send her shoe flying across a fashion event.

Nicki even gave Travis Scott a “Ho* Ni**a of the Week” award on her Queen radio show when she was critiquing his record sales and number one spot on the charts.

Despite all this controversy, of course the Barbz still weren’t bothered…

Even Diesel seemed to hold strong in their partnership with Nicki.

“We’re here to support anyone who’s getting hated on, and Nicki is one of them,” Diesel wrote in response to some fan criticism.

Well if we’re going with that logic, anyone can be apart of this campaign!

When should we expect our phone call?

Other parts of the Internet were over the partnership as well. Hit the next pages to peep what folks had to say!

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