Black Lives Matter

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A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows the importance of social media activism. The hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, is still shared 17,000 times daily throughout social media according to the story.

The study also reveals that while a majority of Americans believe that social media are important in accomplishing a range of political goals, black Americans — eight in 10 — value the platforms for magnifying issues that aren’t usually discussed. A smaller share of Hispanics and whites — around 60 percent for each group — share the same sentiment.

There’s still some skepticism overall about social media activism:

As a whole, however, a majority of Americans are largely skeptical about the broader impact of social media on political discourse: Seventy-seven percent of Americans feel that social networking sites are distracting and 71 percent of the American population says “social media makes people believe they’re making a difference when they really aren’t” — what’s commonly referred to as “slacktivism.”

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