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Dr. Collier is back and is talking about prostate exams. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killing both men and women. Prostate cancer is #2 in causing the death of men. Dr. Collier mentioned that at the age of 40 all men should receive a prostate exam.

Men should go to the doctor and ask to get a D.R.E. which is a digital rectal exam. He mentioned it takes about 10 seconds, but it could save your life. The doctor touches the prostate with two fingers and feels for inflammation as well as a hard part, which would determine that you have cancer.

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Dr. Collier spoke about the first time that he had to do the exam and how he wasn’t nervous. He was working at a center for vets and 20-30 of them lined up and he had to give them exams. Dr. Collier told everyone it’s a simple procedure and amongst heart attacks and high blood pressure, prostate cancer is killing a lot of men.

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