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Xavier University’s Head Coach Chris Mack exits and Heads to The University Of Louisville as the New Head Coach. After  nine years wearing the Head Coach of  Xavier University Hat, Chris Mack is ready to take on a new challenge. So many Big Name Coaches have come before Chris Mack leading the University Of Louisville like Rick Pitino and Denny Crum. Chris Mack is up to prove he can handle any task thrown at him. Chris Mack takes on a 7 year deal with the University Of Louisville  and  will bring Xavier assistant coaches Mike Pegues and Luke Murray along as apart of his staff at the University Of Louisville also. Mack left a recommendation for the  Xavier University Basketball program in hopes that his once assistant coach Travis Steele would become his replace at Xavier University as the Head Coach. Chris Mack made it clear that if Travis Steele didn’t become the  new head coach with Xavier University, then he could join his staff at the University of  Louisville. From the way things are moving it looks to be a brand new day for the University of Louisville Basketball Program. Let’s see what next year’s University Of Louisville or Xavier University staff and team looks like next season. There are still some months in between and anything could happen for either program.



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