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We Tried It flexed on you with the Travis Scott Air Force 1s, and now we’re back with something a little more practical: a 3D pen.

But before we could even get into the product, Sherrod and Cory had to go back and forth, and this time it was about Kanye West. After the jokes, it was time to figure out if the Polaroid Draw 3D pen is really worth copping. Off rip, one host immediately said, “Nah,” while the other is a true artist and is able to appreciate some futuristic sh*t. We’ll let you guess who said that.

Like a glue gun, the 3D pen is filled with a plastic that softens as it goes through the gun and hardens after you put the finishing touches on your masterpiece. Since the Philadelphia Eagles just won the Super Bowl, bringing the city its first football championship in the modern era, we decided to draw an eagle. We all know a good craftsman never blames his tools, but our eagle didn’t look like much of an…eagle.

So naturally, we had to destroy the Polaroid 3D pen. Instead of taking the easy way out and smashing the shit out of the pen with a hammer, we had a little bit of class and Cory used a saw instead.

Watch the latest episode of We Tried it up top, and don’t try this sh*t at home.

We Tried It Polaroid 3D Pen

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